About Umia

About Umia

Collaboration – the key to our success

Umia was founded in 2010 with a vision that can be summed up in just one word: collaboration.
Four experienced colleagues got together and applied a completely new way of thinking to a traditionally conservative industry. They saw opportunities to interact across technological boundaries and work more efficiently and smarter – which was better for both their employees and customers.
Now we employ around 800 people from all over Sweden and design our own installations.

Our Vision

With our unique and technology-led work methodology – the Umia model – Umia will be an industry leader in resource and energy efficiency, and lead the development of a global sustainable society.

Umia Sweden AB and its subsidiaries located throughout Sweden provide a wide range of installation, maintenance and consulting services.

Umia Entreprenad and Umia Service deliver resource-based and energy-smart installations.

Umia Teknikkonsult provides installation solutions, both internally and for external customers.

Our working philosophy is known as the ‘Umia model’ – where collaboration across technological boundaries forms part of a holistic view from the planning stages to a finished project.

It all began with four engineers who wanted to collaborate

Umia’s four founders have extensive experience in their respective specialist areas. From the left in this picture from 2010 are Martin Hörnquist (ventilation technology), Andreas Dunder (electrical technology), Hans Sjölander (plumbing technology) and André Ruuth (regulations and energy technology).

They founded Umia on the idea that every area of technology is important, but that nothing is more important than effective collaboration and the final result.

Their approach has been a huge success – both with customers and staff alike. Today Umia operates locally-run companies from Luleå in the north to Ystad in the south.

Want to know more?

Contact: André Ruuth, Group Strategist Umia Sweden AB
Tel: +46-70-418 81 53
Email: andre@umia.se